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Still under construction, but eventually, I hope to catalog most of the poems I've ever written, dating back to high school. I'm sure you'll find some of these interesting, touching, even challenging; but keep in mind that my standard, especially for the earliest of the material, has been "that which is forgivable."

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Links to my first full-length novel, Leviathan's Scales, my novelette Faith of a Father, which is the centerpiece for a book of short stories, and a project to which I was a contributor, Telling The Truth And Nothing But, a compilation of essays on plagiarism.

Stories, Essays


Stories, Essays

Excerpts, and in some cases the full story, of various short works, including "The Milkhouse", "The Unforgiving Hand", "The Famous Gunfighter" and more.

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Links to individual versions of my Daily Herald newspaper column, "Letter to Readers"

Videos, Audio


Videos, Audio

I like to recite poetry and interpret the lyrics to popular music - Shakespeare, Browning, Stairway to Heaven, MacArthur Park, Desperado and much more. Right now, I've just started with audio, but I'll add video when I learn more about the technology and the process. It's different! You might enjoy it.