As If

As if I know something worth listening to,
As if something new needs to be heard.
As if in the spheres and the tones of the years,
An old voice hums magical words

As if wisdom is warmed by the frank pulse of age,
As if tired winds expose hidden truths,
As if ancient erosions make way for explosions
That ring in the closed ears of youth.

As if humble experience glistens and shines
As if inspiration in age abounds,
As if time is what teaches where cold physics reaches,
Instead of the other way ’round.

As if rhythms of rock meld with rhymes of hip hop,
The lonesome blues, big bands or jazz …
As if tight jeans and white sox mix fashion from cellblocks,
As if Boonesfarm can hang with Shiraz

Here find some musings, variety and verse,
In a voice tuned to reject the passive,
For sepulchral elations visit all generations
With more than rhythms or visions, as if.