The Days of the Week

The days of the week are monotonous things
If you stop to think about them.
Yet, however dull they all may seem,
We just can’t live without them.

Friday, let’s start with just be be different,
Is the same every week.
You get your pay and, zoom, it’s spent
Along with the happiness you seek.

Saturday you do all the household chores.
Of days, Sunday’s nearly the best.
After you fix Saturday’s broken doors,
On Sunday, you get a nice rest.

Monday and Tuesday you wash and dry
All of your dirty clothes.
Wednesday you finish the ironing
And mend the holes in your hose.

But this year, Thursday’s the happiest day.
The day you break all the rules.

You’ve long awaited this glorious day.
It’s the day you get out of school!

— 1968