Afterthought (‘Hind’ sight)

A hundred thousand children gathered
For Explo’ 7-2.
They went down there to Save the World
But mostly Nguyen Thieu
They chanted chants to Jahweh (God)
But so few of them know
What “Jahweh” means – can’t tell it from
Enlil or Enkido.
Like acid freaks, they walk in dreams
And let the rest all burn,
For they are saved by God’s good grace
“And ne’er the tide will turn.”

And twenty “just” try to relate
The doctrine they believe
To this mad earth which sentenced is …
So why should twenty grieve?
Billy G., his fist in air,
Proclaims “the love of Christ,”
His stomach’s full, but not a few
Will hunger through the night.

Oh, thank you, God, for this great land,
Where your people escape
And leave the rest in poverty,
Their rice, homes farmlands raped.

By your fucking people, God,
And if 980 who were too cowardly
To stand up for all that you once meant to me,
Someday rise to live there on high next to you.
I’ll not feel sorrow¬†that I’m not with them,¬†too.

— Circa 1972