Shadows —
Shadows surround me,
And I can feel them
From all four sides.
And the shadows —
Take warmth from around me.
All the tall buildings
Force me to hide.

The buildings —
Aging but stalwart
Block out the sunshine
Hiding my hope.

Direction —
There must be a direction
To lead us from despair,
Show us where to go.

But still the shadows engulf me.
There must be somewhere I can run.
Destruction awaits on the three sides,
With few hopes on the other one.
Yet, I must uncover my soul from
These blankets of cold and remorse.
I must get away from the shadows
So my soul can traverse its true course.

The shadows —
The shadows are hatred.
They are lies told
And human contempt.
But there’s still light
Somewhere behind darkness,
And I must find it
Else life shall be spent …

In the shadows,
Merely hoping or dreaming,
Simply in life existing,
A shadow myself.
I will find light.
I will burn all the blankets.
I shall tear down the buildings.
I will not be engulfed.

I shall search throughout my entire life,
And someday I shall find the sun.
Though destruction awaits on the three sides
With few hopes on the other one.
Yes, I shall uncover my eyes from
The blindfolds of pain and disgrace.
I’ll tear down the sin where I find it,
Let light outside reign in its place.

— Circa 1971