About My Poetry

As a poet, I’ve been pretty sporadic over the years, going through periods of high productivity when I was very young, to occasional bursts in midlife and very occasional drips as I’ve gotten older. In building this website, I’d intended to include most of the poetry I have ever written. My recollection was that the earlier material was rough but forgivable by an understanding audience. As I have begun to insert pieces onto the website, I’ve learned different. I’ve found that the drips of my later years are far more appealing than the bursts (sometimes outbursts) of my youth, so I’ve come to a new accommodation. Instead of presenting everything here, I have created a standard of “that which is at least forgivable.”  There is much in my moldering files, I’ve discovered, that is not. It will take me a while to get everything posted here that I still intend to, and I’m sure you’ll find some of the work pretty engaging.  Whether in the process of cataloging my expressions and impressions from across the years, I have weeded out all that indeed is unforgivable I, with some trepidation, leave for you to decide.