Welcome to jimslusher.com.

I launched this website to promote my creative writing and find a place to store material I’ve written over the years where someone might chance upon it while wandering the vast forest of the Internet. My literary legacy may be slight, but to the degree possible in what remaining years I have, I want to at least let my candle burn its little yellow light in the darkness of time.  Despite the difficulties I’ve had so far in breaking through the obsidian shell separating me from the 21st century fiction publishing industry, I have faith that much of what I’ve written and of what I will write can touch people in a meaningful way.

There is much I still want to write and, at best, only a couple decades left to get it written; I hope this website will provide, for me, some incentive and, more importantly, for you, some inspiration and enjoyment, as well as, if you’re so inclined, the opportunity to talk about things we both may care about — including books, rock and roll, idealism and maybe even religion and politics, although I am steadfastly committed to productive, respectful conversation, regardless of how vast the gulf between us, and refuse to be drawn into juvenile bouts of name calling and intellectual one-upmanship.

I hope you will find here stories, poems or videos that you find thought-provoking and moving, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the work and ideas presented. Feel free to use the “Contact Us” button to begin an email conversation or, where you find a comments box, add whatever thoughts you wish, and I promise to respond.

It will take a while for me to get all that I intend copied onto this site, so visit often to see what is updated.  I realize that, since one of my goals is simply to catalog nearly everything I’ve written, dating back to my late teens and early twenties, some of the quality of my own work  may be spotty. For my novels and short stories, I’m generally proud of what you’ll find. (See a separate blog in which I grade myself on the work.) As for the poetry, please chalk up the naive and unpolished efforts to the work of a developing mind whose discipline may not yet have caught up to its earnestness.

Still, I think you’ll find some of my thoughts stimulating and more than occasionally funny or moving. I hope you’ll check them out from time to time – especially if you like to talk about books. I intend to expand here occasionally on the short book reviews I write for Goodreads.com.

For now, thanks for visiting. Live on.

Jim Slusher